Digital Launch Incubator

A 12 month Incubator designed to show you what to do in what order to have a repeatable and scalable online business.

A 12 month Incubator designed to show you what to do in what order to have a repeatable and scalable online business.

For less than $45 a month we will guide you step by step on how to take your business to the next level, removing any guess work and supporting you to create the momentum you need to have a successful online business.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to scale to the next level, this Incubator is for you!

What You Need To Win Online!

After building multiple 7 figure online businesses and coaching thousands of people to do the same, these are the 3 things I know are imperative if you want to win online. This is our Sovereign Business success framework..

As Tony Robbins says a mentor is priceless. Someone who has walked before you who can help you buy time and save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed steps.

As Tim Ferriss says, “If you cannot take 2 weeks off your business and it still runs, you don’t have a business, you have a glorified job”.

Having a system that is working towards being as automated as possible, covering the areas of Leads, Sales and delivery, is essential if you want to scale and not just create another job for yourself.

As John Maxwell said, “Momentum is a leader's best friend”. It is more often than not the deciding factor between succeeding or failing. This is an essential ingredient. In 2019 when I was lucky to work with Gary Vee, I recall him saying the time between a decision and an action is directly proportional to one's success. Momentum is really created by the first 2 points, a mentor and having a system that is scalable. With these 2 factors combined and the ability to act quickly, you will create the necessary momentum to win.

The 12 Month DIGITAL Incubator

We cover all 3 elements of the success framework for you to win
  • A 1 on 1 Roadmap session with one of our expert business coaches. Showing you what to do in what order to get the most out of the program. Value $597.00.
  • 2 weekly live Q&A sessions with our coaches in the Facebook group where you can pre-submit your questions, or you can show up live. Value $197.00 weekly.
A 6 month drip-fed video training course (accessible for a year) which is a roadmap to launch or scale your business. Value $5,597.00. Includes worksheets, workbooks and templates and covers the following topics:

  • Message to market match
  • Branding
  • Mapping and updating your Ideal client
  • How to sell from webinars
  • How to sell through Facebook challenges
  • Content schedule
  • Brand Image Style
  • Media
  • Podcasts
  • Mindset for success
  • Facebook Ads
  • Writing copy that converts for Facebook ads and email campaigns
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Organic online marketing strategies
  • Paid online marketing strategies
  • Leads conversion calculator
The LSD system to plug into your business, a fully scalable and repeatable process giving you a framework to take a stranger to a customer via a lead process, sales process and delivery process uniquely for your business. Value $2,997.00. 


  • Ad copy swipe files
  • Onboarding template emails
  • Webinar slides templates
  • Plug in funnel for Facebook ads (must have Click Funnels)
  • Lead Magnet templates
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs for support, networking, and reflection. 12 month access. Value Priceless
ADDITIONAL BONUSES (Value $4,997.00)
"Magnetic" Lead Magnet System
Selling Through Story Training
The Ultimate Sales System

Money Mindset Training with Michelle Masters
The Conflict Marketing System
Video Marketing Training Series

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Incubator framework
There are 3 modules split into 3 phases of a launch
  • Pre Launch: Preparation phase - focusing on leads
  • Launch: The period of time you sell for - focusing on sales
  • Post Launch: The onboarding and delivery phase - focusing on delivery
Each module covers the essentials you need in the right order to catapult you into your most profitable launch each and every time.

The modules are built on the L.S.D (leads/sales/delivery) method that allows you to maximise the growth of your business in revenue and speed while minimising the investment in it from teams, tech, marketing, delivery and sales.

This method has generated multiple millions for Kate and her clients and can for you too.

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$997 USD one time payment
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If for any reason you are not happy, we will refund you, no questions asked.


Frequently Asked questions

Why don’t I see all my videos at once?

We have found after working with millions of entrepreneurs that too much information at once can be overwhelming. How we do this now is to release 30 days of content up front, including the bonuses, then week by week for a total of 6 months. Each week is released automatically.

Disclaimer: For those who registered very early on, you may be only seeing videos week by week and this will continue for 6 months.

How many coaching sessions do I get?

You will receive one personal coaching session with our head coach after you enrol which
goes for 30 minutes. You will receive an email around 7 days after your enrolment date to
book in a time with them. If you do not book in within 72 hours of receiving that email, the
coaching session will be forfeited.

If you don’t receive the email please contact

What happens if I need to reschedule my coaching call with the head coach?

If you’ve already booked in with our head coach using their Calendly link, simply click
reschedule on the email or email

What is the best way to work with your head coach on the first call?

Come prepared, focused and be able to articulate your main challenge. They will not just coach you, they will also tell you the exact videos to watch to solve your problems within the first 30 days.

What is the length of the program?

The program is a 12 month program from the day of your enrolment. During the 12 months you will have access to the Incubator Facebook group where our head coach answers questions twice a week. Kate will also do mini virtual events up to 4 times a year during your 12 months and you are welcome to participate in any of them. Notifications come by email and in the Facebook group.

You will have access to all the videos for 1 year yet they are released over 6 months. The first video is released on the first day of your enrolment and is drip fed over 6 months. This way you can go back and review the materials for up to a year after your enrolment.

How often are the Facebook Live Q & A’s held in the group?

Live Q & A’s are held twice a week and the schedule is posted in the group.

How do I get my questions answered on a Facebook Live?

Attend the Facebook Live and write your questions in the comments section, or submit your questions ahead of time, up to twice a week. We post reminders for people to submit their questions the day before and then they’re answered during the Live.

I want to work with Kate 1 on 1, can I do that?

Kate is not taking 1 on 1 clients at this time, yet she does have higher end group programs. If you are looking for more coaching at a higher level please send an email to Investments begin at US$3000+.

How can I learn to speak virtually on stages and summits and in Clubhouse?

That is not the primary focus of this training, yet if you’re looking to deepen your knowledge in that area, send Kate an email at and we’ll send you information on another course.

Who can I contact if I have a query about my payment plan?

Any questions about payments or payment plans should be directed to and include your name and email address.

Why do you sometimes have guest trainers?

We don’t claim to know everything, and sometimes it is beneficial for you to hear from someone who’s an expert in their domain.

What happens when the year is over?

You will be removed from the Incubator group however you will be welcome to remain in the community and part of the other Sovereign Business Movement groups.

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